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Why Cash-Based?

Better Treatment

1 on 1 care – 100% attention to you and your goals 100% of the time.

Updated home program each visit.

Unlimited access to your Physical Therapist.

Email and text access to ensure continued progress and modifications between sessions.

No restrictions – not limited by insurance companies.


Fewer Visits = Less Money

Visits are spread out to once every 1-3 weeks (as needed to ensure progression), rather than 2-3 times per week like at many outpatient PT clinics where copays are more expensive than ever and you often end up paying their cash rate until you meet your (likely high) deductable.

Better treatment & home program progression leads to patients getting better faster with fewer visits.

If we include hands-on treatment to help reduce symptoms, we will teach you how to best replicate this technique to yourself using a foam roller, lacrosse ball, bands, etc for more frequent and effective self-treatment.


Unlimited access to your Physical Therapist throughout your plan of care.

Telehealth visits can be performed from your own space when you need the help.

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Rebecca Coyne

Working with Ashten has been such a breath of fresh air from my previous PT experiences. The 1 on 1 support has been so crucial for me in recovering from my injury. Ashten is thorough in her evaluation and her interventions focus heavily on returning to optimal functioning in daily life. She has given me the confidence to work out again and return to physical activities outdoors which I am SO grateful for. Ashten often makes time for me in her schedule and answers any questions I have throughout the week as I am independently performing my exercises. Ashten’s profound kindness and in depth knowledge of all things PT has made me trust her completely during my healing process.
I highly recommend Ashten or Kelton!

Lucy Knowlton

After hearing great things about Steady State by a number of other local runners, I started seeing Ashten in March when an Achilles issue flared up. Over the course of my ten sessions, Ashten explained, addressed, and helped me reflect on the injury which brought me to Steady State as well as the few aches & pains that cropped up in the months after. My PT plan was always detailed and updated, and I really appreciated how every exercise came with a link for when I inevitably forgot the proper form. Ashten always took the time to demonstrate drills and to make each decision a discussion. By the end of my sessions, I felt as though I had gained a huge amount of tips, tricks, and awareness that no other sports medicine practitioner or PT had ever provided.

Overall, the entire experience with Steady State felt personalized, personable, and accessible. As a local runner, I appreciate that they want their space and resources to be used by training groups in the area and that they offer community education and collaboration. While I mostly worked with Ashten, I can also safely and assuredly say that the entire staff is patient, involved in Portland athletics, approachable, knowledgeable, and, to use a technical term, rad. I’ve never had a better PT experience, period.



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